Arrange management

An individually tailored relation

Each condominium and co-owner will have a sole contact: the property manager. With his in-depth knowledge of the multi-unit building and how it is organised, the property manager provides custom services locally. He has state-of-the-art computer tools and works in close relation with the co-ownership management committee.

A relation based on trust

The management agent contract is clear and precise:

General terms: they are clear, detailed and in compliance with new legal provisions. The contract guarantees to each co-owner a perfectly identified definition of general management tasks assigned to the management agent and of the relevant fixed fees.

Special terms: they are adjusted to the specific requirements of the condominium. Fees are clearly identified.

Full independence from contractors working for condominiums and transparency are guaranteed.


ARVE IMMOBILIER provides varied competences for many aspects involved in the management of a condominium:

Knowledge of all regulations and of any amendments applicable to the condominium

Management of daily maintenance

Quotations and performance of major jobs

Determination of operating budgets; clear and proper notices to pay service charges

Strict accounting management in compliance with the standards of the New Chart of Accounts

Notices to general meetings given in compliance with legal requirements

Minutes will be prepared at the end of general meetings

Experience of many legal situations under various circumstances



Offering property for rental purposes usually requires compliance with administrative formal procedures, in particular the preparation of a contract binding upon the landlord, to meet a high number of rules which depend upon statutes which no one may be exempted from.

The management agent acting for the landlord who appointed him under a contract will be answerable for the management of the property.

We are to demonstrate that we do hold the professional card showing that we are authorised agents with the indication “real estate management”; so, we are able to produce a management authority certificate which is binding upon us when dealing with the landlord.

To secure your rental income and maximise earnings derived from your property, we offer three rental management solutions to meet your requirements and optimise your investments:


The rate of these various services will be mutually agreed upon between the management agent and the lessor and will be notified to you when the contract is written.